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King Lear

"Productions such as this should help attract audiences that will, in turn, allow the Rose to be preserved and developed further."
-British Theatre Guide
"...the relaxed, aristocratic tone of the 20s allows Shakespeare's words to appear easy, natural and accessible"
-One Stop Arts
"As Lear rails against the tempest on the banks of the water covering the foundations of The Rose, both the enormity of his anguish and his insignificance against Fate feel palpable."
-The Stage

Taking inspiration from the 1920’s and with original Jazz music, House on the Hill Productions brings a freshness and originality while remaining true to Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy. Utilizing the entire archeological site of the Rose, Lear shows this unique and historic space in a way never seen before.

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Dido Queen Of Carthage

"I'll certainly be looking out for whatever this vigorous young company does next."
-One Stop Arts
"I urge everyone to see House on the Hill Productions’ honest adaptation of Marlowe’s play in the enchanting space of the Rose Bankside Theatre."
-Plays To See
"...the production makes it clear why Shakespeare found Marlowe’s Dido and Aeneas a compelling inspiration for passionate, tragic, lovers"

After the fall of Troy, Aeneas and his men land on Carthage on their way to Lavinium, where they are offered food and shelter by Dido, Queen of Carthage. An intense love affair ensues between Dido and Aeneas, leaving their fates in the hands of the Gods. Marlowe’s play is a classical story of destiny, fate and love, in this brilliant and intimate production of Dido Queen of Carthage.

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The Alchemist

"Burgess (Subtle) and Thompson (Face) work well together and their disguises are very funny, well acted and complete with inspired mannerisms. They take to the stage as a Scottish captain, a hunchback, a priest, a rich doctor and a strange, shrieking fortune teller accompanied by gleeful laughs from the audience. "
-Plays To See
"Director Jeremy Smith and the whole ensemble of House on the Hill have worked hard to breathe animation into Jonson's text and create farce within farce – an excellent set of parallel universes to run in tandem with the old and new of the theatre itself."
-One Stop Arts
Together, Burgess, Russo and Thompson create a whole variety of funny, entertaining and surprising characters that lead us through the show; and, much like central trio, the show overall is brought to life by a strong cast"
-Remote Goat

It is Victorian London, and the gentleman Lovewitt has fled to avoid the cholera epidemic, Lovewitt leaves the trio of Subtle, Face, and Dol to use his home as their headquarters to part the greedy and the gullible of their wealth. Jonson’s famous comedy is a raucous story of magic, follies, vanities, and above all greed, brilliantly captured in this mysterious and dark Jacobean play.

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Natural Affection

""a satisfying drama of almost operatic proportions" "--The Stage
"Grace Wessels and House on the Hill Productions are to be congratulated on bringing back William Inge to the London stage as a reminder that there was more to American drama 50 years ago than Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller."
-British Theatre Guide
“Ms Wessels has asked herself the hard question: what is this play really about? and has come up with the right answer... The company have given it a well-produced, beautifully acted performance.”

The UK premiere of a blistering drama by one of the great US playwrights of the late twentieth-century. Natural Affection flips the American Dream on its head. A complex, dark and anguished study of discordant family life, William Inge's lost treasure explores the themes of sexual dissatisfaction, loneliness, frustrated small-town dreams, alcoholism and tortured identity.

"The world looks awful ugly at times...It's hard to remember that sometimes it can look beautiful too."
-William Inge, 'Natural Affection'
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